Participatory culture foundation

Ensuring a more collaborative, inclusive world

Since 2006, PCF has been a nonprofit dedicated to creating technologies, services, and communities that enable everyone to contribute to the peaceful and abundant culture they want to live in.

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Our Flagship Initiatives

We develop technology and services that ensure everyone has access to all that the Internet has to offer.

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Creating dynamics for social good

Amplifying Voices

Amplifying Voices brings together content creators, local and global community networks, volunteer translators, and funders to build a more inclusive media ecosystem where all voices are represented and heard.

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Subtitling and captioning platform


Amara is focused on making online media content accessible. This award winning technology makes it easy to caption or subtitle video, engage volunteer teams, manage collaboration, and/or purchase subtitles from our passionate team of professional linguists.


Honors and Awards

We are humbled by the accolades and love to make positive impact. 

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Intercultural Innovation Award Image

Intercultural Innovation Award

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group have highlighted Amara’s impact in fostering intercultural dialogue and cooperation around the world.

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Advancement in Accessibility Award Image

Advancement in Accessibility Award

Amara was recognized by the US Federal Communications Commission with a Chairman’s Award for Advancement in Accessibility.

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Equality Award Image

Equality Award

Amara was selected as the winner of the prestigious 2011 Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award for using technology to benefit humanity in the area of advancing equality.

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Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, Fellowship Image

Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, Fellowship

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society is a community of academics and practitioners whose mission is to engage in the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace. In 2017, our Executive Director served as a fellow.

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Data and Society Research Institute, Fellowship Image

Data and Society Research Institute, Fellowship

The Data & Society Research Institute focuses on social and cultural issues arising from data-centric technological development. In 2014, our Executive Director was one of twelve inaugural fellows.