Participatory culture foundation

PCF mission

Our mission is tied to the structure of our organization

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we develop technology and services that ensure everyone has access to all that the Internet has to offer. From the abundance of free education available, to gaining insights about the many different cultures around the globe, information is critical to building a more equitable and peaceful society. 

Our Impact

Amplifying Voices and Amara have enabled the creation of subtitles by volunteers and professional linguists, from 107 countries, for a broad scope of video content into over 100 languages. To date, over one million subtitles have been completed.

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Our Unique Approach

Our org chart represented by a honeycomb captures this unique approach, where everyone is a critical component of making the structure strong. We work together toward a common goal, in an environment where every individual can thrive, grow, learn, and share their ideas.

Our Team

Meet the talented, passionate, and fun-loving individuals who deliver innovative technologies and services that serve millions. We are an international and multicultural team! 

Erin O'Driscoll image

Erin O'Driscoll (she/her)

Client Success Manager

Nerja, Spain

Archaeologist, sunbather, karaoke singer

Rieann Brown image

Rieann Brown (she/her)

Tech Support Project Manager, Key Accounts


Star gazer, mycologist, dreamer

Allison Buford Moon image

Allison Buford Moon (they/them)

Product Specialist & Marketing Associate

Clemson, SC, USA

Writer, designer, plant parent

Jenny Lam-Chowdhury image

Jenny Lam-Chowdhury (she/her)

Operations Manager

New York, NY, USA

Food explorer, culinary translator

Marília Correia image

Marília Correia (she/her)

Assistant Operations Manager

Recife, Brazil

Traveler, translator, soccer fan

Fran Ontanaya image

Fran Ontanaya (he/him)

Senior Technical Operations Manager

Torrent, Spain

Sci-fi fan, computer geek

Joanna Lam image

Joanna Lam (she/her)

Senior Project Manager

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Baker, student mode

Thais M. Barros image

Thais M. Barros (she/her)

Senior Project Manager & Marketing Associate

São Paulo, Brazil

Dogs, plants and food enthusiast

Sebastião Nascimento image

Sebastião Nascimento (he/him)

Senior Project Manager

Curitiba, Brazil

History, music, and literature lover

Melanie Dychinco-Ty image

Melanie Dychinco-Ty (she/her)

Senior Project Manager

Quezon City, Philippines

Artist, researcher, musician, and bowler

Natalia Savvidi image

Natalia Savvidi (she/her)

Senior Project Manager

Athens, Greece

Physicist, programmer, translator, hiker

Viviane M. image

Viviane M. (she/her)

Senior Project Manager, Key Accounts

Vacaville, CA, USA

Amateur chef, chocolate and photography enthusiast

Ronald Osure image

Ronald Osure (he/him)

Lead Software Engineer

Nairobi, Kenya

Cyclist, minimalist, astro nerd

Dan Reyes image

Dan Reyes (he/him)

Software Engineer

Metro Manila, Philippines

Pet parent, Boba tea lover

Margarita Shamraeva image

Margarita Shamraeva (she/her)

Quality Assurance Manager

Vancouver, Canada

Technology fan, language learner, table tennis player

Laura Morgantini image

Laura Morgantini (she/her)

VP Product and Delivery

Qualicum Beach, Canada

Sports and outdoor enthusiast

Robert P. image

Robert P. (he/him)

Amara Product and UX Designer

Canary Islands, Spain

Dreamer & Maker

Kathy Torres image

Kathy Torres (she/her)

Finance and Human Resources

Aldie, VA, USA

Puzzler, soccer and swimming fan, tech-aficionado

Rieann Brown image

Rieann Brown (she/her)



Star gazer, mycologist, dreamer

Viviane M. image

Viviane M. (she/her)


Vacaville, CA, USA

Amateur chef, chocolate and photography enthusiast

Dean Jansen image

Dean Jansen (he/him)

Executive Director and CEO

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Roller skater, cook, grower of stuff

Participatory Culture Foundation

Board of Directors

  • Tiffiniy Cheng, Secretary
  • Dean Jansen, Treasurer
  • Stefan Magdlinski
  • Nicholas Reville

Emeritus Board

  • Aleli Alcala
  • Dave Glassco


  • Tiffiniy Cheng
  • Nicholas Nassar
  • Nicholas Reville
  • Holmes Wilson

Major Funders

  • European Commission
  • Knight Foundation
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Mellon Foundation
  • Mitch Kapor Foundation
  • Mozilla
  • Rappaport Family Foundation
  • Surdna Foundation
  • William Penn Foundation
  • Opencast
  • Open Society Institute
  • Ashoka
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • ...and many, many individual users